As a recycler, you’ve worked hard to get your customer. It’s imperative that you not only get paid promptly, but also that you receive the maximum value for your material. Whether its parts, purge, film, trip scrap, resin, regrind or repro, we buy it!

Have you come across material you aren’t equipped to handle? We use rugged shredders to break down the toughest of material such as industrial scrap and dense, 1000-1200LB, thermoplastic purgings. Warehouse full of miscellaneous material? With diverse markets across the globe, we can help you find a home for it and add value to your bottom line. Need help designing a recycling solution for your customer? Partner with us and take advantage of our 40 years of experience in the industry.

Whether you are baling, grinding, re-pelletizing or a combination of it all, we leverage our full suite of recycling solutions to provide you with dependable service and the best prices for your material.

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